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   15 Accommodation Management • Hotel inspections
17 Tours, excursions and accompanying persons program (during, pre & post event)
• Hotel negotiations and block bookings
• Handling of individual and group bookings online for
delegates, media, accompanying persons
• Credit-card security systems
• Accounting, collection of outstanding accounts, invoicing
• Cancellation and refund management
• Pre-payment of hotel deposits
• Supervision of booked hotel accommodation and cancellation terms
• Rooming lists to hotels
• On-site supervision of guest arrivals and hospitality desks
• Final reconciliation with hotels
Social events
• Selection and contracting of social events venues
• Decoration of social events venues
• Staging during social events
• Selection and contracting of entertainment groups / artists / Masters of Ceremonies
• Technical riders
• Seating arrangements
• On-site coordination of different suppliers (e.g. catering, entertainment, MoCs, audiovisual, branding etc)
• Submission of proposals to the client / Organizer
• Organization of excursions and tours programs
(half day, full day, multi day options)
• On-line booking by participants
• On-site coordination of tours participation process
• 24/7 back up support for emergency situations
• Customized proposals
• Private tours
Security management
• Analysis of event security needs and venue security requirements including emergency security specifications
• Selection and contracting of professional and experienced security provider
• Coordination and supervision of security supplier
Insurance coverage (when needed)
• Analysis of specialized event insurance needs
• Selection and contracting of appropriate insurance plan

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